Design Aesthetic Models and Sketch Models

Using a variety of materials and finishes this sort of model can show a true representation of a product, as it would appear in production.

Supermodelli regularly provides multiple version and finishes of a particular design to assist in the design selection process, However, we won’t give you something that is beautiful but impossible to produce that’s a waste of your time, money and trust. These models may defy imagination, but not the laws of physics.

So, you’ve got a great product concept. How big will it be? What will it look like? Early in the design process is still critical to move your design from the virtual world of illustrations or CAD into the real world. As advanced as modem CAD tools are, there is nothing like having something physical to touch and interact with.

Supermodelli will make sketch models from any number of materials and process, with the goal of providing a quick and inexpensive representation of your design that can be modified and improved as part of the process.