Interactive Kiosks DS1 & DS2 for Intel

Brief:  Create first generation looks-like, works-like prototypes, to be used as a platform to demonstrate and showcase the future of interactive kiosks.
Team:  Industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development, user interaction design, program management and model making.
Timeline:  7 weeks
Deliverable:  5 units of looks-like, works-like prototypes

This was a huge project to create five fully functional point of sale interactive displays for initial launch at the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Supermodelli was responsible for program management, production and assembly of the five units with various material and finish options.

The program began with only minimal details on how the final design was to be implemented. Due to our extensive experience with similar projects we were able to quote the entire build with very tight budget contingencies. Our extensive internal capabilities were combined with key external specialties to deliver the units on time and on budget.

Many of the components were larger and more difficult to produce than the scope that is typically able to be handled by smaller model shops. This complexity, combined with the very tight, immovable deadline, made this an ideal project for Supermodelli.