Halo Video Conferencing for HP

Brief:  Build a fully working prototype of a complete 10’ high by 20’ wide video conferencing center
Team:  Industrial design, mechanical engineering and model making.
Timeline:  6 weeks
Deliverable:  Looks-like, works-like model

This project is a great example of the value of working with a local team who can handle large and complex products. We needed to build half a room that was full of electronics and then moved it from our site and install it at the customer’s site.

The conferencing center was built around a custom steel frame for strength and rigidity. The front and sides were clad with curved 4ft by 6ft wood and perforated steel cosmetic panels and finished with polished black silver trim pieces. Electronics included four 42” high definition LCD flat screen TVs, video cameras and associated electronics. The entire unit was backlit.