It’s official. The days of hanging flat screens, playing looped content and calling it a “network” are over. Consumers are simply too good at tuning things out. Yet everyday, there seems to be more mindlessly flashing screens everywhere.

So, when Intel approached us to develop something better, we jumped at the chance. After all, we love creating advertising that masquerades as not being advertisements. And we love creating innovative products that are simple to use in spite of their complex underpinnings.

Our vision was to create a platform that ties together all the cutting edge technology found in consumer electronics. The result is a new kind of device — a device dedicated to delivering incredible branded experiences in public settings.

Experience Stations combine stunning industrial design with enormous multi-touch screens, 3d gesture recognition, NFC for mobile transactions and Intel’s AIM Suite for anonymous facial, gender and age recognition so content can be custom tailored to the viewer.

The next time you see one, wave hello. Just don’t be surprised when it responds.

Personalized, Engaging and Measurable.

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